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Cool Hunting: "Other Nature Show at Bahdeebahdu"

by Tisha Leung, 06/14/10

"Taxidermy mixes with jewelry in "Nascita Typica" by Beth Beverly, a registered taxidermist." Read the entire article here: Other Nature Show at Bahdeebahdu

PhillyMag.com | G Philly: "How my Dead Dog Won Best in Show"

by Jennifer Lea Cohan

"I wasn’t surprised when I looked under the side table and found that Elke had died. At age 14, my dear Rat Terrier had been failing for some time. However it was terribly inconvenient...Thank God for gay urban chicken farmers, because they know what to do in these situations. His dead hens are entrusted to his rogue taxidermist friend, Beth Beverly, a 32-year-old artist who works at Diamond Tooth Taxidermy in Philly... So I bagged her, iced her, and put her on the deck."

Read the entire article here: How My Dead Dog Won Best in Show

Design Phan: "These Hats Stop Traffic"

by Caroline Tiger

"Some might call Beth Beverly, proprietress of Diamond Tooth Taxidermy, a strange bird for creating a hat so lifelike it looks like a squirrel is attacking the wearer’s head. Others might say her work makes total sense in this time and place, when the craze for Victoriana/the cabinet of curiosities/natural history is as strong as ever."

Read the entire article here: These Hats Stop Traffic

New York Tmes: "Stuffed, to the Limits of Taxidermists' Imaginations"

by Jed Lipinski

"Beth Beverly, 32, who works at Diamond Tooth Taxidermy in Philadelphia, presented two entries: a rat terrier dressed as a princess and a dazzling Polish hen in pearls and high heels gripping a 'virginal pillow.' 'She never grew old enough to lay eggs,” Ms. Beverly said of the hen, 'so I imagined what her life might have been.'"

Read the entire article here: Stuffed, to Limits of Taxidermists' Imaginations
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